3,2,1... Ignition ! Maintenance upgrades for SPIP 3.2.1, SPIP 3.1.8 & SPIP 3.0.27 are out !

Few months after SPIP 3.2 was released, time has come to provide you with some maintenance & security updates for SPIP versions 3.0, 3.1 & 3.2.
It’s highly recommanded that you upgrade your installations if you’re running one of them, because they come with security fixes & improvements.

Bug fixes

Those new versions come with latest months’ bug fixes:

  • 2 tickets for version 3.0
  • 12 tickets for version 3.1
  • 19 tickets for version 3.2

Among many bug fixed, let’s highlight :

  • security flaw fixed on valider_xml function (thanks to Sammy Forgit’s reporting)
  • bug fixed on publication dates
  • bug fixed on plugins’ database installation, specifically when the table prefix begins with a number.
  • some UI fixes for the Admin Area (now displays total files’ weight with the number of documents, in the ’mediatheque’ tabs, etc...)
  • bug fixed on referrer calculation in the Admin Area’s statistics module
  • improved bots detection, in order to exclude them from statistics module datas.
  • bug fixed on opcode
  • SNI bug fixed, when using SPIP behind a Proxy server
  • .../...

security screen

For webmasters who CAN’T upgrade their SPIPs to the latest revision, it’s important, at least, to install/upgrarde their config/ecran_securite.php to latest version 1.3.6, in order to correct the security flaw.
See https://www.spip.net/en_article4201.html?var_lang=en for more info.


spip_loader also has its bunch of modifications, in order to simplify the upgrade process for SPIP.

Commplete announcement & details here :


And of course, all info for upgrading SPIP are available on the official documentation : https://www.spip.net/en_article2154.html

Originally posted in French by SPIP-Contrib’s Team
Translated to English by Loiseau2nuit

updated on 2 October 2019


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